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  • Compound Loading Appearance

    I am having trouble determining the correct amount of compound to load onto the wheel. Should the wheel take on the color of the compound being loaded? Should the compound bar appear indented from the load? I have tried the short load periods prescribed in the manual and have also put a nice little indentation in the bar after getting really frustrated. Quite honestly, this whole polishing process is the most variable and unpredictable work I have ever dealt with. I have altered just about every aspect of my technique and am beginning to think that the compounds (aside from the green, which produces great results) are no better than mother's polish on high grit sand paper. If anyone has any pictures of a loaded wheel or bar I sure would appreciate it.

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    the initial break in on the wheel is the toughtest part. The more the wheel gets used, the better and easiar it takes compound. What type of tool are using to polish with? Trust me, its not the compounds, its technique and equipment.


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      I am using a high rpm electric drill with 6 inch wheels. If I were using say, a green colored compound and applied it to a wheel that was raked, yet darkened from prior use, should the compound's green color become evident on the edge of the wheel if it has been correctly applied? I am trying to determine if applying compounds to the wheels is, more-or-less, a blind process: meaning there is no visual representation of the amount of compound being applied to the wheel-only the effects of incorrect loading technique on the piece being buffed?

      Thanks for the reply!


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        Yep, it should take a slight hue of the color compound you are using. What RPM drill are you using with the 6 inch wheels?