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  • polishing question

    I have polished two pieces of alum. sheets for a project I am working on and the finish looks great, however I can't touch the surface at all without leaving fingerprints and smudges. Is there a polish that takes care of this problem or would I need to apply some type of clearcoating? Also would the clearcoat adhere to such a smooth surface and would it allow for any flexing of the sheet? I am looking for a simple solution to this problem if one exists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    you can use zoop or what i use is carnuba car the good stuff


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      I haven't used Zoop but I hear good things about it.

      I, like customandsound, use a high quality carnuba wax on my polished surfaces.

      I've tried the VHT clear on polished steel and frankly, I'm not impressed. In my experience, it dulls the finish and it definitely discolors when you cure it according to the can's directions.

      A clear poly like is used on automotive finishes might work, but I haven't tried it. (yet)

      Another option some folks have used is a clear powder coat. You might want to check out the powder coating forum for more info.


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        i use it all the time i get it in 5 gallon buckets .. it works for almost every thing


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          I perfer Zoopseal myself. I like the fact that I dont have to re apply anything to polished surfaces for 2-3 years. Only have to clean the surface with soap and water