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Is Caswell's Aluminum & Copper Polishing Kit enough???

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  • Is Caswell's Aluminum & Copper Polishing Kit enough???


    I just bought a bike and decided to polish the frame. I am extrememly interested in Caswell's Aluminum & Copper Alloy Polishing Kit but want to know if it's all I need for the job. The biggest question is whether or not the wheels and chemicals will be able to remove the anodized finish (at least I think that's what it is) off the frame.

    Also, does it come with good instructions for the job? If not, does anyone know where I could find step by step instructions for motorcycle/metal preparation and polishing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    search this site for caswells online plating manual it will help you quite a bit .



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      The kit should have enough to complete the job. I bought an aluminum polishing kit a couple years ago and have since polished 8 aluminum truck wheels (one set twice so I guess that's actually 12 wheels) and lots of parts off my 4wheeler and have still not run out of compounds. (Tho I am low on the black emery) The kit I got came with an arbor, 1" felt bob, a 4" sisal wheel, 4" tight spiral wheel, 4" loose cotton wheel and a small bar of black, brown and white compound. The only wheel I haven't worn out is the loose cotton wheel ehhe With that stuff and a decent electric drill, you should be able to do up your frame with no problem.

      As for the anodizing, use a chemical stripper. Caswell sells a stripper and I've had good luck on paintball guns using oven cleaner.

      Good luck and post some pics when you're done.


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        aircraft strip takes every thing off ....


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          Thanks for the response....

          customandsound and skiddz,

          Thanks for the both seem like you know what the hell you're doing and your input is helpful. My concern has always been the anodized coating but even more important is not F***ing up my frame!

          I'll start with the Aircraft stripper in an inconspicuous place and gradually move into the next stages.

          Any additional coments would be welcomed....but if not - that's cool. I will be posting images of my progress.



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            Any time .... Let us know the results ...


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              can you email me ? [email protected] i got a few ? for ya


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                Just did.

                Just a clarification.. I do *NOT* know exactly what the hell I'm doing, but I'm having reasonable results. Some parts come out absolutely perfect (The brake lever I did yesterday for exampe) and some look great until I take 'em out in the sun, then it's scratch city. (Like the billet top clamp I did yesterday)

                I'm still trying to figure out the "proper" procedure myself. I think once my new buffing machine arrives I'll be able to produce more consistent results.

                The one constant thus far in my polishing (and I think I'm a little sick for thinking this) is it's pretty damned fun! Seeing a piece come to live under the wheels is very cool.

                Is polishing dust addictive? hehehe