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polishing a brass lamp

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  • polishing a brass lamp

    I'm new to the world of buffing and polishing so I find myself at a disadvantage with all the information that is out there. I would like to buff out an old brass lamp. I will be using a 3/4 buffer with 8" wheels. My question is what compounds and wheels should I use. Most sources seem to say start with a sewn spiral wheel and tripoli followed with a cotton wheel and white rouge and call it a day. According to Caswell I need to go one step farther and start with a sisal wheel and emery compound. The lamp isn't scratched although it does have some nasty corrosion on it. Do I need the sisal buff? What about the emery. I don't want to scratch something that isn't scratched now. Thanks for the wisdom

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    art that is funny you listed ... i just did a set of brass lamps and i wet sanded with 600-1000-1500 then used a spiral with tripoli then switched over to white on cotton then went to red with a losse cotton wheel ..they looked great when they were done ... gave them a coat of carnuba wax and sent them home to be wired ... i tryed a sisal on a brass kick plate and i think they are to grittyfor brass !!!! but that is my 2 cents bhodge is the one to get ahold of for the proper way to do them .... he got pics in the album .... i am sure he will be able to answer any ? you may have ...


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      for brass in good shape i use a tight sewn wheel with black, then white on a tight sewn and thats about it on most items. sometimes i also use brown but again it just depends on the item . if the item has a lacquer clear coat its much easier to use a paint stripper then start buffing.