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protecting polished aluminum?

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  • protecting polished aluminum?

    Newbie here! I've read the free manual and many posts in this forum. Before I begin getting into the whole process of polishing/buffing, which I'm eager to start, I was wondering what is the best method for protecting the finished piece. Specifically car underhood/engine items.

    I've read mixed things about diy clearcoating with a spray can (dulled finish, yellowing over time...)

    I know there is a wax that Caswell sells, but is that meant for hi-temp applications? Would it last under those conditions, or just melt off?

    I'd like to find something I can do myself, as opposed to paying for clear powder coating, if possible...

    Thanks, and it's great this forum exisits!

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    zoop ... caswell sells it ..


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      Thanks! I've read about Zoop and it sounds great. Little pricey, though...

      Any other methods, or tried and true hi-temp clear coats, that might be a cheaper yet effective alternative? The protective wax is no good for the engine compartment I would imagine...


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        you can use it under the hood ... i use carnuba wax .. and for clear coating ... it dulls the shine .. you don't want to do that ... i just sent tomg552001 a set of polished fuel rails to clear coat for a challenge.. take a look at them i keep you posted ... then you can see the clear coated look


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          Thanks! I'd like to check out a pic of your rails when they're done.

          I was at the NY Bike Show last month and bought a two-stage metal polish and sealer kit. During the demonstration they were using it on soda cans, and after the sealer was applied water would just bead and roll right off the surface. Yes, I'm sure I overpaid for this stuff and it's probably no different than most formulas out there... But at the time it looked like just what I was looking for to put the finishing touches on an intercooler pipe I was trying to polish the letters on. Anyway, I used it on a polished i/c I bought and it really brought out a nice shine just using a hand cloth. I wonder how well/long it would hold up under the hood?

          So I guess the best choices are powdercoating if it works out to be less expensive than Zoop, or the wax for a temporary protective measure. Clearcoat spray sounds like too much trial and error to find the brand that will work the best.



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            can you email me i got a pic of a clear coat on polished ... it is a harley trannsmission cover ,,,, [email protected]


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              Heres a picture of a test piece i did. I clear coated you can see it looks like unclear coated chrome. Once customandsounds fuel rails get here i will be caoting them, and posting some before and after pics.