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  • Shiny new rims

    My friend wants me to shine up some used polished rims that he recently bought and I was wondering wich way would be the most easy and effective way of getting a good shine. The rims are in pretty good condidtion and shined up decent with just some mothers and blue magic hand polish, but I was wondering if there is a way that I could get a better polish without having to resand the rims or spend countless hours going through the polishing steps. Any certain compound I should use or technique? I will be using a drill that spins 3000rpm with 4" buffing wheels and felt bobs for the tight places. Any suggestions?

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    The tools you've got are fine. If the wheels aren't oxidized I'd give it a shot with some tripoli (brown) compound on a sewn wheel and then use a loose cotton wheel with white.

    My only cautionary "advice" would be to maintain awareness of the arbor. You don't want to inadvertantly scratch the aluminum with it 'cuz you're not paying attention. (Been there, done that.)

    I hope your buddy is at least offering up some cold beer for your efforts... heheh

    Good luck!


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      yeah I hope he brings me a couple cases but anyway thanks for the info


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        I ran into a buddy of mine yesterday who saw my 4 wheeler rebuild pics and he wants me to do the same thing to his wheels. Looks like I'm gonna be in the same boat as you next week (except I'm gonna charge him money.. hehe)