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Quick question about pricing.

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  • Quick question about pricing.

    People from around my area are seeing my work and asking me, "can you polish for me." What should I charge per hour? What would someone charge to polish the face of a wheel? Ball park is all I'm looking for, the quicker the responce the better, I've got some extra time right now and would love to be making money. Thank you for all your help guys.

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    i charge from $39.99 ... Valve covers $39.99 intakes $ 125.00 sportbike frames $900.00 Wheels $250 ect... fuel rails it varies .. harley primary $125.. it all depends on how much they are willing to pay .. and how much do you want to make .. and how good and fast you are ... good luck


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      I get the same requests all the time and my mailbox is starting to fill up with request from people all over the place wanting me to polish stuff for them.

      I just took on my 1st set of wheels and am zinging the guy $300 to polish all 4. I figure it'll take me a full day to get 'em all done so that's what? $37.50 an hour


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        My prices vary from part to part. But for the stuff that I have done I have the prices set. You can check out my site and check out my prices if you want.