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  • Newbie needs help

    Hey guys I am looking into polishing. I have a custom motorcycle but I still have a lot of parts that need polishing or chroming. It would cost me over $3000- $5000 to do everything. So to save myself the money I have been looking into doing the polishing myself. All of it is aluminum What would you guys recommend to get started. I saw the starter kit which looked pretty good but I don't know about motors and that sort of thing. I have experiance with metals, welding, using lathes that sort of thing. I could really use some advice on what to buy. Motors, wheels, ect.

    Thanks for your help
    [email protected]

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    A decent buffing machine and a flex shaft would be my 1st tools, followed by an ample supply of wheels, buffs, bobs and compounds.

    I've been doing a very similar thing to my ATV the past couple months. I've been polishing everything and anything I can get my hands on.

    My setup consists of:

    1HP buffing machine. (Didn't get it at Caswells but can provide details off line if you want)
    1/2" electric drill.
    Heavy Duty flex xhaft
    Dremel tool with flex shaft
    4" and 6" sisal wheels
    4" and 6" spiral sewn wheels
    4" and 6" loose cotton wheels
    Assorted size mini-wheels.
    2" and 3" mushroom buffs
    1/8" shaft "mini" bob assortment
    1/4" shaft bob assortment
    Tapered buffs
    Facing buffs
    Hourglass buffs (These thing kick a$$ on tubing!)

    Greaseless compounds from 80 to 400 grit
    Emery, tripoli, rouge compounds.
    GALLONS of brake parts cleaner.
    Push broom (for sweeping up the black stuff that flies all over the place)
    Nomex heat-resistant gloves. (Parts tend to get pretty warm while you're buffing)

    and my most important 2 pieces of equipment:

    Particulate respirator
    Safety glasses.

    I've probably got $400-$500 in all this stuff, but it all started with a drill and Caswell's Aluminum polishing kit about 3 years ago. 4" wheels chucked in a drill (assuming it's a decent drill and not some cheesy Black & Decker or Craftsman "disposable" type) will definitely do the trick.