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  • Greaseless compounds

    This maybe really dumb and this is my first experience with polishing. I bought the whole set of greaseless compounds and was wondering are they supposed to be hard. The tubes are all hard and what i've been reading through the posts is that you have to wait for this stuff to dry before starting to polish.

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    Greaseless comes semi hard...sort of like a rubber. Heat from the wheel melts it so it takes to the wheel. Store them in a air tight container with a wet rag and they will last forever. Lots of people seem to have trouble using them, but i love them. Make sure after you apply to the wheel you let it dry. Good luck.


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      Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!!!

      Apply to a slow moving wheel (I turn my buffer off and on when I apply) and let dry (5-10 mins) before you dive in. They cut VERY fast so go slow when you 1st start out. I get 10-15 mins out of each application. The more you use the wheel, the better it takes the greasless.

      Have I mentioned I love this stuff