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    Hey Guys,,I'm using T12 to cut aluminum tanks and flat panels.What should I use after for a color & A finish?
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    some guys on this site say blue with a canton wheel is the best way to finish aluminum, while others say green with a canton wheel is the way to go.i had this very same question and couldn't get a direct answer,so i bought both.i just finished 1 of 2 sportbike front fork tubes using:brown.white then blue,it had a nice shine after the white but i wanted to go further and hit it with blue-the blue seemed to leave the piece kinda dull.i cleaned the piece then hit it with the green(not the stainless bar)and i'm very happy with the's funny how some compounds work great for some guys and don't do sh t for others.
    i guess it comes down to personal choice and technique.hope this helped


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      i try not to use the colors below white .. the other coupound not do a good job at the coloring .. the blue is kind of greasey when heated up ... i used it then i had to go right back to white to get the shine back ... but it is your choice... practice and use what work for you