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    I've got a question about polishing Titanium.

    I'm making several fairly large (4"-6"x8"-12") pieces with 6AL-4V titanium sheet. Sheet is coming to me in a normal mill finish, and after forming, I need to bring it to a full mirror polish.

    I've tried the 3M surface conditioning disks in an angle grinder like I would typically use as an initial step on mild steel or 304 stainless. . . and they don't seem to do much of anything.

    Finally ended up doing initial sanding with Silicon Carbide wet/dry sandpaper (working 220-400-600-800-1000) and then on to the buffer (2 HP, 10" sisal wheel -w- emery, followed by 10" spiral -w- stainless compound, followed by 10" loose -w- white compound). . .but long and short. . . I just can't seem to get that "shave in it" mirror polish.

    thoughts? Advice?

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    After 1000 grit, I wouldn't be using a sisal wheel. Use the Spiral sewn, or skip black compound all together. Finish with Canton FLannel and a Blue compound
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