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Static electricity problem

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  • Static electricity problem

    Hi All,
    I'm having a real problem with static electricity while buffing. I get zapped a lot while buffing anything from stainless to aluminum. My buffer, a Caswell1/3 hp, is plugged into a grounded outlet. I getting real tired of dropping parts from flinching everytime I get bit! Does anyone know how to dissipate this charge somewhere else but to me?
    Thanks in advance,

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    We've been having extremely dry weather here in So Cal and yesterday I kept getting "bit" by static as well. Haven't dropped anything, but did flinch enough to cause the piece I was working on to bounce off the nut on the end of the shaft causing a ding.

    I'm thinking about taking a piece of 14g copper and connecting it to the bolt that holds my buffer to it's pedestal and clamping the other end around a cold water pipe in the garage. Not sure if the static from the wheel/shaft will make it to the buffer's main body tho.. Would the armature in the motor insulate that path??


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      i got a lenght of wire from the buffer to a copper pipe that go's to a peg pounded in the ground .... no problems yet


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        I took some 10g bare copper, crimped a lug on one end, slipped it under the mounting bolt and soldered the other end to the cold water feed for my hot water heater. So far, no more zaps..