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  • what speed buffer

    Ive used a Baldor 1800rpm 3/4hp buffer and I'm wanting to know which speed buffer is better? 1800rpm or 3600rpm? Whats the pros and cons of either. The 1800rpm one I used was nice i thought. thanks

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    The slower one is for plastics, the faster for metals.


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      Wheel surface speed is key. I use a 1hp 3450 RPM buffer with 6" wheels. That nets me a Surface Feet Per Minute speed of about 5400. Right in the ballpark to buff aluminum and steel. Way too fast to buff plastic 'cuz of the heat generated.

      With your Baldor, an 8" wheel will net you just under 3800 SFPM. It'll work, but it'll be a bit slow going. 6" wheels will net you a hair over 2800 SFPM. If you can swing 10 or 12 inch wheels, you'll get roughtly 4700 and 5600 SFPM respectively.

      If I had room for both a 3450 RPM and a 1725 RPM buffer, I'd certainly do it.. Since I only have room for the one, I opted for the 3450RPM unit. So far it's been working out splendidly.


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        Yea the baldor uses 10 inch wheels. You say that will be a good speed with the bigger wheels to do aluminum with. This is the 1800rpm one. thanks


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          Should work pretty good and have enough grunt to really bear down on the parts.. I prefer the smaller wheels 'cuz I can jam 'em into tighter spaces and not have to use the flex shaft so much, but that's my personal preference..