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    i have some mag wheels to buff.
    its trans am star mag wheels.
    but the previous owner painted them.
    what the best way to sand them.
    cause of all of the contours and weird shapes.

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    here is a pic of what i'm trying to buff.

    i did a test with the dremel
    with drum.
    but can i get it in different grits for my drill.
    i only seen coarse ones.
    nothing in the 300 or higher


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      here are test i did.
      with dremel
      now need something to do it faster
      with either drill or angle grinder.


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        Just to let you know these were originally made for the 82-87 Z28s, then GM used them on the 88 Sport Coupe, 89-92 Rally Sport. In 88 GM droped the Z28 in favor for the IROC so they got a new style of aluminum rim. After the 3rd gens used them GM decided to use the left over 5 star rims on the S10's in the early 90's. this style of rim was never used "from the factory" on any of the pontiac fbodys. They had their own style rims for thier different car models.

        Welcome to an incredibly fun project more like frustratingly painful fun project.
        Heres mine once I finished, lots and lots and lots of sanding along with removing quite a bit of metal to get this,


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          Only real way to sand that much quickly is to arm yourself with a bunch of small bobs and buffs, a few wheels and several different grits of greaseless compounds. The greaseless cuts pretty fast so go slow and take your time.


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            them there iroc wheels can be stripped with vht stripper the use a bob with some greaseless to even them out and depending on how that all turns out you can hit them with 600 wet and dry then to the compounds ... emery on sisal brown on sprial white on losse ... but i use white on sprial .. i got a set of them wheels i am going to do when i get the time