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Aluminum polishing help needed

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  • Aluminum polishing help needed

    Hi all,
    I am working on a project to restore an old bike. The brake handle, shifter, foot step, etc are aluminum or some type of aluminum alloy. Now these aluminum parts have become dull and have white deposit on the surface. I am thinking that the white deposit on the surface is aluminum oxide. What can I used to get rid of the deposit and restore the parts to its original beauty? Thanks for your help.


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    A little mechanical energy in the form of an electric motor, some buffing wheels and some buffing compounds should do the trick.

    I'm rebuilding a well used 1987 Yamaha Banshee and most of the parts on it were beat to hell.. I've scrubbed, sanded, buffed and polished virtually every piece on the thing to better than new condition.

    check out the link to the pics in the thread titled "Skiddz" and you can see some examples of what you can accomplish with a little practice and the combined knowledge of the folks here.