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abrasive wheel system

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  • abrasive wheel system

    Has anyone used the abrasive wheel system? I'am looking for somthing that last longer than greasless compounds. It seems to take a long time to sand aluminum valve cover,with 80 grit greasless. any suggestions?

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    Ive been wondering the same thing. help us out someone. thanks


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      i have had good results with the abrassive wheel system if we are refering to the glue and sand method !! it really dont last any longer then the greasless but it is far more aggressive then greasless it really cuts sanding time down drastically!! i do reccommend this system to anyone !! i use the glue and sand method to cut the casting out then go over it with an 80 grit greasless to get all the scratches out the abbrassive wheel system cuts pretty deep so you need to remove the scratches !! im really bad at explaining stuff like this so if im not very clear ask and i will do my best to explain!!