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  • Damn...I get it now!

    First, as a newbie to the forum and to the process of buffing and polishing, I would to thank everyone on this forum for the great information. Wish I had paid closer attention!

    For a few weeks, I've read everything on this forum and have been confused by something that is repeated over and over again. It would seem, that its best to spend about 70% of ones time using black(emory) before changing to brown or white/red.

    Well, after countless hours using greasless, then moving to a black compound, then brown (with bad results)......I checked the forums again. Something I noticed that might help other newbies.

    I was using a Sisal with black compound, but got very cloudy results. After moving to brown on a spiral sown, it would start to clear, but still appear as if it was not finished well after the black. I read that many of you spend 70% time with black, and even looked at pictures but I could not get the same results.

    I spent several hours trying to hone my technique.....but still.......I had problems loading the compund on the wheel, horrible finish...and lots of streaks......

    By chance, I ordered new supplies from the great Caswell God, and they had a special on treated spiral-sewn wheels. I got two of them.

    After being frustered with my results, I happend to change from sisal to the new treated wheels. OH MY GOD! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! In less than 30 minutes, I had a chrome-like finish using the black compund. The kind of finish that everyone keeps talking about!

    I'm on the verge of ordering every wheel size in treated spiral sewn........after this experience it seems the best.....any resean to use a different wheel for brown and white? Whats your thoughts?

    Thanks! Jason

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    the sisal helps cut down the metal with the use of the black compound . you will get a some what shine going or a nice shine .. the sprial .. i load it with brown and do my final cut /then the first of the color ... then the white i do all color on a spiral ... the sisal had rope it in and that helps the cutting ... the spiral is a tight cotton ,,, and i don't use the loose cotton any more ,,,,, when i started i just used sprial ,,, but with the greaseless you want to use a spiral ... and to load .. turn the machine on .. take the compound and turn the machine off and let the wheel stop woth the compound on it ,,, i load it with it running it tears up the coumpound ,, but the friction from the wheel pulles the compound in to the pad ... after about a half hour i rake the wheel to get the little metal stuff .. but use 1 pad for 1 compound ...and the better you had sand the better the part looks ...but after using greaseless . i hand sand up to 60 with wet and dry to even it all out ... if you need more info email me and i will try to help you as much as i can .......