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  • newbie looking for advice

    HI all im a newbie wanted a little advice on which kit to buy, and which one would be easy for a rookie to actually use successfully, I want to either get the anodizing kit or the powder coating kit, for small chrome, and polished finished surfaces, mostly nuts and bolts and dress item for my motorcycle any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you all kent

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    The aluminum polishing kit can be used for more than aluminum. That's what I started with a couple years back and until recently, I was using that setup with a Makita drill to polish aluminum and steel parts on my 4 wheeler with very good results. If you want to start polishing, pick up a mandrel, 4" sisal, 4" tight spiral and 4" loose wheels, and a small bar of black, brown and white compound. Use the black compound with the sisal wheel, brown with the tight spiral and white with the loose, in that order.

    The majority of your time will be spent with the black sisal combination. read the online buffing manual for some tips on proper technique..

    Good luck!