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  • Buffing Chrome

    I'm restoring a 70s motorcycle. I have cleaned up and polished
    several parts already. LIke the exhaust and header pipes and
    they turned out very nice. Now I working on the chrome fenders.
    After buffing off the surface rust and crud...I can't seem to the
    it back to the Chrome shine? The finish stops at a slightly hazy
    non shiney look.... What do I need to get that?
    I purchased the jumbo bar starter set and I have pads.
    Sisle,cotton sprial and look canton...what am I missing?
    I really need to get this polishing chrome thing down. thanks
    for any and all help. Kirby
    Kirby Martin
    Dallas, Texas
    [email protected]

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    You may have buffed the chrome off and could be looking at the nickel (assuming it was triple plated here) or the bare metal itself. I think if it were my parts, I'd have 'em replated..

    I had pretty good luck polishing the bluing off my ATVs pipes with a sisal wheel and some black emery followed by white rouge on a cotton wheel, but the pipes were in good shape to start with. The white rouge really brought out the shine again..

    Perhaps a little more "oomph" with the loose wheel and white rouge. Are you cutting against the wheel's rotation then coloring with the rotation