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NewB, just bought a buffer, will it work?

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  • NewB, just bought a buffer, will it work?

    Well, it's actually an angle grinder w/ an 11 amp motor. I am going to also buy the grinder adaptor that Caswell sells. My question is, will the adaptor fit and will this setup properly polish the parts I want to on my car w/ Caswell's 6" wheels? Thx for your help

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    I know this forum doesn't get a lot of traffic, but can the moderators reply at least?


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      I'm not a moderator, but I'll give it a shot.

      From the grinder description:
      Spindle: 5/8''-11

      From the Adapter description:
      This handy accessory fits a 5/8" shaft to extend the stubby shaft out 3" further from the motor body.

      As a Manufacturing Engineer, if only the major diameter of the thread is given, one should assume it is a coarse thread. Therefore the adapter most likely has a 5/8 - 11 thrd also.

      Be aware, the adapter appears to use 1/2 ID wheels.