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    OK fellas,
    I have been practicing with the greaseless compounds sold by CASWELL (120, 180, 240 grit). I think i may be doing it wrong. I am using a sisal wheel. When i apply to the wheel i keep it spinning about 2800-3000rpm's and really work the compound in, almost to the point that the polisher stops. I then allow to dry to the touch and I start sanding. The application works for about two minutes of semi-hard sanding and then i have to reapply. Am i wasting this stuff or does it just go quickly? Oh yeah i am sanding the gritty pitted portion of a sportbike frame. Also, would it be better if i tried to strip the anodized coating from the piece first or would that just be an unneeded step being that i am using 120grit greaseless as my first step?

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    Re: greaseless compounds

    one last thing, I think i should have graduated to MEMBER by now CASWELL. I know your busy but I can't stand the JR. title.LOL


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      Re: greaseless compounds

      Sure - stripping the anodize first would save you LOTS of time.

      It does go fast, but remember...use a little compound, often.

      You're now a member...don't know why it wasn't automatically updating
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        Re: greaseless compounds

        Thanks CASWELL! I'm finally a man. I think my voice just cracked. Anyway, I was wondering if I should use a spiral sewn wheel due to its flatter sanding surface on which the compound is applied. The sisal wheel is uneven and irregular on its cutting edge so the compound is applied unevenly. any opinions?


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          Re: greaseless compounds

          Ideally a sisal wheel is best. It's better/faster at cutting. If that's not working for YOU though, try something else.

          There are guidelines to this, but certainly no set formulas. Different techniques work for different people. Experiment.
          Mike Caswell
          Caswell Inc

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