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First try at polishing

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  • First try at polishing

    Hello. New to this forum and also new at polishing. This forum is very informative, i've been reading a lot(cant say it gets through to me). Anyways, here's my first attempt at polishing my first piece. Still need to finish it up. I think it's o.k. so far. Thanks for all the tips and knowledge you guy's offere here.


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    welcome to the forum .... your work looks good .... and if you need any help or tips just ask some one will be able to help you ......


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      hehe, reminds me of a couple months back when I was buffing the clutch cover on the ol' Banshee...

      Sanding, sanding and more sanding is the key... Gotta get that thing absolutely smooth and scratch free before the 1st wheel ever hits it. Your part looks good for a 1st timer

      This whole polishing thing is nothing but practice, practice and more practice. There's no "secret" and no "magic". It comes down to procedure, technique and most importantly, preparation.. This board and it's participants can help with everything but the practice.