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I got pics of my problem. LOOK

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  • I got pics of my problem. LOOK

    ok, most of you know my little problem i'm having, i get haze and i'm using an underpowered buffer. here are my tools, and here are my results. please remember that i'm on a budget.

    thanks guys.

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    If you notice the haze that it creates on the tube, i was told tat more surface speed would rid that. like a bigger wheel. but i thikn i may need a stronger buffer.


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      here is another example. will more surace speed eliminate this?

      it looks great from different angles but i'm trying to make it come outlike chrome.


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        are you cleaning the part good before going to another compound ... and what set up are you using .... black /sisal brown / sprial white loose cotton ...... or you can use white on a sprial .... them little compound will work but you will not be happy you may want to order a set from caswell and try them ... and when you buffing try to go side to side instead of up an down ...... on your buffer you can stack 2 8" buffs with no problems


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          i have only a 2.1 amp. i want a 6-7 amp.

          i'm using all cotton wheels. i got them at home depot. and they are all 6 inch


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            ^^^^ will a 6-7 amp buffer be able to pull a 12 inch loose cotton?


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              i got a 6 amp motor that spins 12" wheels ..... them 6" from h-depot are ok .. i use them when i run out of buffs .. i stack 2 on and tear them up ...
              i did a skid plate today and i am going to order the flex shaft


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                wow, so that 14 amp motor will tear a 55 inch or something? damn tahts a lot of amps. do u think it's legit? or is he yanking our chains? do u think thats a good buffer to buy, my other thread* of course has it. it's selling on ebay.