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    hey guys, i have the biggest problem w/ my polishing, i have shown them in the other thread. but now if i were to start over, which items would i need? would this be right?

    6-7 amp buffer
    8 inch sisal wheel
    10 inch cotton wheel
    12 inch fluff wheel
    black compound
    brown compound
    white compound

    is it good to get wheels that big? or can i finish everything in 10 inch or whatnot. will my buffer w/ 6-7 amps not bog down from the 12 inch wheel? I heard the bigger the wheel, the more the surface speed and thus prevents hazing of the parts and the spider web scratches.

    right now i'm using 6 inch cotton wheels w/ a 2.1 amp grinder. i think i'm going to have to swap it.

    or which wheels are recommended. after i get these items, will my products look like chrome? or should i not use such big wheels.

    thanks a lot!