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how is this buffer sound

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  • how is this buffer sound

    14.2 amps!!!!! i nwko that thing can easily pull a 19 inch wheel. right?

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    That's 14.2 START UP amps. That's how much current the thing will draw as it first fires up. No way in hell that thing is gonna pull 14.2 amp continuously. At that price, with shipping, you'd be better off ordering a "real" buffing machine from your local tool supplier. I got a 1 HP buffing machine for $130 that has 12" shafts off each side and it takes all of my 225 lbs pushing on it to even remotely bog it down. I think it pulls about 6 or 8 amps when running.

    What's your preoccupation with gigantic wheels?? A 3600 RPM buffer and a 19 inch wheel will net you a surface feet per minute speed of almost 18,000. That's WAY more than you need to polish aluminum. A 6" wheel on a 3600 RPM buffer will net you a tick over 5600 SFPM. A tad higher than the "sweet spot" of 5000 SFPM, but you'll hit that as the wheel wears down. With a 6" wheel, parts don't heat up so much they're hard to hold, the inertia of the wheel won't rip the part from your hands when you catch an edge and it won't fling [email protected] from here to Taiwan when you're buffing.

    From the pics you posted, I don't see your need for anything larger than a 6" wheel.. Going bigger won't necessarily get your parts done any faster and could introduce more problems.


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      what skiddz said is true ..... with what you are doing


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        but i didnt' mention that my buffer is only 2.1 amps. thats very little, i thikn i need a stronger one. w/ that 6 inch wheel, mine bogs down. so i dont know what to do. is that why my parts are not shining up so nicely? it's hard to make ti like perfect.

        if someone could give me a list of everythign i should get, i was thinking:

        buffer - 6-8 amp
        spiril wheel (w/ black compond)
        cotton sewn(w/ brown compound) what i currently have
        loose cotton (w/ white compound)
        white compound
        brown compound
        black compound

        will this produce the results i'm lookign for?


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          this was done with a little craftsman grinder it is ok looking .... and the list you got is good for starters .... after you get good you will want to try other things .... i don't use sisal anymore...... it is sprial for most of the work....... if you sand the part good and smooth a sprial with black will bring you a nice shine and then to white on a sprial .... skipping out the brown.... you will learn alot of tricks


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            in caswell album are some parts i did with the little 6" bench grinder


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              that little bench grinder 2.1 amps bogs down a lot. and it keeps giving me that hazy spiderweb scratchy thing, i can't get rid of it. i'm using cotton wheel on all three compounds. i might need to use greaseless compound?

              why can't i make it perfect?

              what is your setup? i want to be able to perfect this. but i think i dont have teh right tools for the job.


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                Shoot me an E-mail @ [email protected], I'll show you some pics of my 11 amp, $25 angle grinder setup. So far it's working great with the Caswell buffing wheel/compound kit.


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                  Originally posted by ellessone
                  Shoot me an E-mail @ [email protected], I'll show you some pics of my 11 amp, $25 angle grinder setup. So far it's working great with the Caswell buffing wheel/compound kit.
                  ellessone give send me a pic of that set up ... i an always up to try some thing new ... my email address is on my webpage... or hit me up on aim or yahoo..... i am going to be polishing at car show and that seem's like a quick set up ...