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Cant get compound onto the wheels

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  • Cant get compound onto the wheels

    I just purchased some compounds and loose sewn buffing wheels from Caswell because I was told by a friend thats what I needed to get. I have done other polish jobs in the past but nothing came out near as well as all of his work, so I ordered what he said that he used. I got some 4" and 6" loose swen buffing wheels, and black, brown, and white compounds.

    I tried it out today but I cant really get any of the compound to stick onto the buffing wheels because I cant apply hardly any pressure to them or else they fold out. I use a die grinder with an adjustable regulator so I can make it spin faster, but it throws strands of the buffing wheel off and when I stop theres only a little bit of compound on the tips of the wheels. What am I doing wrong here?

    Also, I'm trying to polish up parts on my car to make it look better but I cant even seem to get 600 grit scratches out (using my old sears compounds) so I havent tried it with my new stuff from Caswell yet. Heres what the intake from my car looks like now. I know the base of it looks horrible, but I didnt have a lot of time sanding it that well, but I'm going to go back over it.

    And now heres my friends same intake that he stopped sanding with 320 grit and used brown and white compound on it.

    He doesnt know who the compound is from because he bought it at a car show/swap meet a few years back.

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    well this is what you need .....
    1. sisal with black
    2. sprial with brown
    3. losse cotton with white

    i sand to 600 grit .... then hit all parts with a sisal and black .... then clean the part ... then load 2 4" sprial's some times 6" with black then hit them this bring's out a nice shine ... clean then load 2 more sprial's with brown bring's out more shine ... then i finish up with 2 more sprials loaded with white and make a quick pass over ... clean part before changing compounds .... and to load turn machine on and off with compound next to pad ... the heat from the pad will draw in the compound ... i don't use loose cotton unless i go on to red or so ... then seal with a high grade carnuba wax .....

    all this was done with 4" sprial w/ blk brw wht compounds


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      I'll give that a try tomorrow! I'm going to take my intake back off and start sanding over again up to 320 dry, then do 400, 600, and maybe 1500 wet if I have the time/feel like sanding that much.


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        the key to a good looking job is prep the more you sand the better it look's .... the most time you will take is prepping it for polishing ....