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Zoop Seal - Does it really work as advertised

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  • Zoop Seal - Does it really work as advertised

    I'm interested in Zoop Seal. For those that have used the product, does it truly work as advertised and the longevity of the product is 2-3 YEARS ?

    I'm a wax nut, and I currently either use Zaino or Klasse AIO/SG on polished aluminum pieces. I can easily say it last 9-12 months. Granted, I wax more often than that, but on the polished pieces durability is key after spending all that time polishing it to perfection....

    I'd love to hear your feedback on the product !

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    yes it work's and it last longer than that ..... caswell got to sizes of it ... give it a shot if you do alot of polishing


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      The centers are brushed/clearcoated. The lip of the wheel is polished aluminum. I currently have Zaino on it.

      I'm thinking about picking up some supplies from caswell's site to use to polish it with.

      I currently use the following - Heavy Metal Polish followed up with Mother Billett Polish. Once it's perfect, I seal up the wheels with 2 coats of Klasse AIO and then 3 coats of Klasse SG. I'm not sure if you guys are familar with Heavy Metal Polish but it's replaced Flitz in my lineup of metal polishes.