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pimpling surface, please help

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  • pimpling surface, please help

    Im currently trying to polish up a set of porsche Fuch wheels. I stripped the paint that was on with nitro moors paint striper and found a rough surface with some kind of greyish coat underneath (anodising?) anyways i put a few greasless wheels on it till i got a respectable finish and hit it with brown, thing is the surface came up all pimply and uneven. Went back to greasless in case it was like that and didnt notice due to scratching and brought it back up but same thing happens. What causes this? is this from gases in the alloy, or am i doing something wrong? high speeds? checked warmth of surface, dosnt seem like i made it too hot though.

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    I had a similar problem when I was sanding out the skid plate for my Banshee. No matter how I went at it, the surface would "orange peel" when I was working the part with 400 greaseless. I ended up having to hand sand the thing with 220 wet/dry, then 320, then 400 before I could start polishing.. The only thing I can think it might have been is just crappy aluminum..


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      thanx 4 the heads up
      resorted to hand sanding too or wheels in a drill running very slow.
      A smal test section came up a dream
      That anodizing is a real bitch to get off though


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        Anodizing is easy to remove chemically. Lye based oven cleaner works great and Caswell sells some chemical stripper here. Trying to sand it off takes forever...