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polished aluminum turning grey

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  • polished aluminum turning grey

    Hey guys, I've polished some Weld Wheels and the rims are still great but the center piece is turning grey/white and dull after a couple of weeks. I've used the Caswell alu. kit but didn't seal it after. Is this the case here?

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    Buff it out, clean really well then apply a couple good coats of GOOD carnuba wax. Each time you wans, reapply the wax and you should be good for quite some time.


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      thanks, what do you use for cleaning?


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        you clean the part with hot water and soap... you can use simple green to .. the buff's you let the compound dry on them and rake them out the next time you use them ... when you are done polishing and you get a mirror finish or a high luster is what you should have ... coat it with carnuba wax or zoop it ....


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          I clean with a 50/50 mics of Castrol Super Clean and HOT water or with alcohol based brake parts cleaner.

          Be careful with the Super Clean. It *WILL* discolor aluminum if you leave it on too long. I wash until it's clean them immediately rinse with lots of clear hot water then either blow dry or dry with a chamois cloth. (Make sure you've got a water separator/filter on your compressor if you choose to blow it dry.)