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  • what product ?

    I have a set of Aluminum Wheels (bought Cheap) they have been etched (discolored) I think by Chrome Cleaner/Polish. is there a Product I can use to restore its luster. I have a 1/4" drill & a Dremel Tool. My Knowledge of Metals & Polishing is Limited so Thanks for any Advice.

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    Going through this very thing on a set of highly oxidized Mickey Thompson forged wheels. I started with a serious scrubbing with wheel cleaner and a couple stiff brushes then rinsed 'em clean with lots of water. I then pulled on the rubber gloves and gave 'em a wash with a muriatic acid solution (Sorry, don't know the ratio - I get this stuff pre-mixed from a local supplier) which gave me a nice clean surface to work with..

    I'm in the middle of wet-sanding the wheels right now and will take that to 400 grit and then I'll dive in with a treated spiral wheel (firm) with tripoli, then a spiral wheel with green then finish up with a loose cotton or flannel wheel and white rouge.

    Your 1/4" drill will probably work ok with some 4" wheels and a mandrel. I've used an old bolt, some washers and a nut to make my own mandrel before. Just put some duct tape over the "head" to reduce any possibility of dinging your wheels as you polish. You'll need a different wheel for each different compound - and be prepared to get filthy.

    Read the online polishing manual here for the "how-to" info you may need to get those wheels looking good.


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      Thanks, the wheels I have are not special (Mickey Thompson) so I was hoping for a Product like Flitz (sp?) that I could buff on & like Magic have Shiny Wheels. I'm Checking out the Polishing section now, thanks again.


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        the first thing you should do is go to caswell's webpage and on the left side there is a how to buff section read that there are a lot of trick's and tip's .. i dust did a set of wheel's i used acid to get the heavy stuff off and wet sand the whole wheel with 300 - 1000 grit wet ,, hit it with black on a sprial then went right to green then white