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Second attempt to polish

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  • Second attempt to polish

    I tried a diffrent method all together. skipped the black and went strait to brown with good results. I still get the cloudyness. in the direction to polish. i think i have to start over...the shine is there in some spots. If I could figure out this cloudy part i think it would be perfectperfect. The sanding is a pain but it's worth it to skip the black. It took me six hours all together. if anyone has a hint let me know id like to get it right before i put it back on...check it out its in the picture album under dgc187....thanks all!! I love polishing!!

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    clean it real good and try this set up :
    black / sprial cut motion
    brown sprial polish motion
    green /loose polish motion
    white/loose polish motion

    don't use a sisal on soft metal .. they tear it up

    i use the bottom of the wheel to get my color and go side to side :


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      For "haze" removal, ease up on your pressure a bit. I did a large, flat skidplate a few weeks ago that was good but for the "haze". I loaded up a loose wheel with white roughe and let it just barely glide over the surface. All the haze went away.

      I was able to duplicate this success on the skid plate's billet clamps as well..