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Know what to use to polish odd shaped pieces? tiny wheels??

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  • Know what to use to polish odd shaped pieces? tiny wheels??

    I am trying find a better way to polish my little motorcycle pieces. I am tired of shooting things across the room trying to get into little places with a 4 or 6 inch wheel. The bobs are too hard for a final finish, and the mushroom buffs I get here are too big. I would like a little cotton wheel for my dremel, but I can't find anythihg like that. All the parts I do are small, motorcycle peg brackets. Thanks for the info.

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    PROD SMW400 Shank Mounted Wheel 2" Dia x 1/2" Thick x 1/4" Shaft $4.50
    PROD SMW450 Shank Mounted Wheel 3" Dia x 1/2" Thick x 1/4" Shaft $5.00

    PROD SMW175 Shank Mounted Wheel 1" Dia x 3/8" Thick x 3/32" Shaft $2.00

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      hey! I was gonna suggest those!

      Those buffs listed would work best on a flexible shaft with some "oomph" behind it. I've foudn my Dremel to be nearly useless for polishing. It works great for sanding and grinding, but doesn't have enough grunt for polishing.

      I use a buffer driven flex shaft for detail work. Works very well.


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        Whats up Skiddz. I have these little crevices and other impossiblie little corners that I use the bobs I got from Caswell's and the black compound. I can put enough pressure, which isn't much, just to get everything even, and then I can let loose with the 4" or 6". It doesn't get everything perfect, but it will get everywhere just enough to take out the swirls from the bobs. Its a pain though, and I busted the light out in the garage from shooting something across the room. By now I have spent enough time with mouse sander, so I don't need much pressure. Are the little 1" ones the have actually cotton wheels, or are they the ones that come with the dremel polishing kit. That would make my day if they little 1 inchers are realy cotton sewn, but the 2" might do the trick. Im tearing up my wheels more then I think I need to, the garage is covered in strands of cotton, thought it was spider webs. Thanks again Skiddz


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          I'm not sure of the construction of those little guys. I've just seen 'em here - I don't actually own any of 'em. The only tiny wheels I ever bought had the Dremel name on 'em and they were't much good running off the Dremel. Just not enough "oomph" comin' out of the thing.

          The worst thing I've polished was a couple carbs off my 4 wheeler (see the pics in the album) Those I did with a narrow 6" sisal wheel and a lot of forcing the wheel into cravases etc.. Destroyed 1 wheel per carb and they're not super "bling bling" shiny, but they look decent.

          I usually chuck small bobs up in the flext shaft to get small areas. Thankfully I don't do a lot of parts with nooks and crannies to get in to.