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Polishing Stainless Steel

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  • Polishing Stainless Steel

    Can someone recommend a compound and buffing wheel to polish stainless steel without showing the buffing circles?

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    Read the Polishing instructions here. Lots of useful info in there. I don't think you'll find you'll need ONE compound, but probably several to get the desired shine.

    Good luck


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      Be sure to get a sisal wheel for the first buffing, spiral won't be enough to cut it even with the emery. I've had very good results on carbon steel with sisal/emery, spiral/emery, loose cotton/white, loose cotton/rouge. I dropped the spiral/tripoli as the third buff when I didn't notice any difference in the finish. I spent twice as much time on the white and it helped tremendously with the finer scratches. They do have the green compound specifically made for stainless but I am very pleased with my results so really haven't had a need to try it yet.
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