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  • compound build up

    when using black/grey compound on a set of wheels im trying to polish it seems to build up in areas and no amount of going over it with the wheel will shift it
    only brake cleaner will get rid of it, and when i do the ali below is milky cause the compound seems to have 'protected' it from being polished.
    No matter how little compound is on the wheel these marks keep appearing and the next stage (tripoli) wont move 'em.
    Anyone else had this problem or know a solution?
    heard something about if part is too cold the compoung 'gloops' up, is this what they mean?

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    use hotwater and simple green to clean the part .. and the compound overload may be from overloading your buff's .. and as for the part being cold it will warm up right quick from the machine .. friction= heat


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      cheers for the help.
      when you say simple green are you referring to washing up liquid or old fashioned green soap.


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        just noticed ive worn through the stitching in my sisal mop so i guess its opening up and dumping too much compound on the work.
        And Ive just ordered a shed load of mops but no sisal


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          If they're aluminum wheels, you don't wanna use sisal on 'em. Start with a tight spiral and emory or tripoli and go from there.

          I've seen compound being deposited on parts that aren't clean from the get go. Scrub all the gunk off your parts with a good degreaser (Castrol super clean, simple green etc..) before you begin polishing.

          I've also seen this problem pop up with contaminated wheels (Brake parts cleaner on a wheel = bad news) and when you don't get enough frictional heat to keep the compound moving.

          Any anodizing or clear coat on these wheels? That's gotta come off before you buff.. Almost sounds like there's some sort of paint on 'em..


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            Ill watch out for the brake cleaner cause thats what i use, have been a bit sloppy cleaning it off.
            Also found that sometimes too little compound can cause the prob!?!?
            when i manage to get 'in the groove' it just slices through the scratches without buildup, even clears any old buildup, just leaves a slight haze as it goes and a quick 'stroke' over the bar evry minute or so keeps me 'in the groove'.
            Also finally got my caswell emery bars through which is making life easier.
            The wheels where anodised but i sprayed them with Mr Muscle heavyduty oven cleaner that got almost all of it off, just a once over with some abrasive (kinda like scotchbrite) pads and a bit of wet 400 (nothing beats hand sanding )
            Also found if the surface isnt quite right (scratches, pits etc) the coumpound builds up in there.
            Was really freaking me out, even if the compound builds on previously excellent area, when cleaned off it leaves a milky 'ghost' which was quite literally haunting me.