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large part finish?

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  • large part finish?

    what kinda tricks do some of you use for getting a finish shine on large talking large stainless firewalls, aluminum gas tanks..ect.ect.. i am doing fine getting the shine out of it with black/tripoli compound. but when it comes to using white on a large piece it wont bling like other parts.

    im also having a hard time with track lines from the pass before...i was wondering if i can use my car buffer with a foam/wool/cloth pad using the caswell liquid white would work or not.

    if any of you live around the area and want to see some of the rad rides id did come to the goodguys show this weekend..

    this is my first post here i know.. but i mostly read the problems you all are having.

    im really suprised with the way the "secret to polishing" has come out of the woodwork. 5 years one would even give me a hint on how to begin polishing. and i had to figure it out on my own. this web site is nice for the beggininer.

    thanks for the help in advance.


    r-b custom metal polishing
    columbus, ohio

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    There's a secret I've been here for MONTHS and nobody's told me about it! ehehhe

    For large flat parts, I stack up to 4 wheels on my buffer at a time so I get a BIG footprint. I make multiple passes with each compound/wheel combo and vary the direction each pass.. For the final loose/white color step, I do a minimum of 3 passes, varying the direction each time.. It's a lot of extra work, but the results come out nice.


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      and you dont get any track marks from the pass before?


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        Nope.. Seems to work pretty well.. Make sure you overlap your passes and vary the direction. For example, I'll do the 1st pass parallel with the long dimension of the part. I'll do the next pass at 45 degrees to the left, then the last at 45 degrees to the right.

        Occasionally I'll see some lines and I just touch 'em up.

        I've had parts that refuse to really brighten up unless the pass was done in a specific direction and only in that direction.

        Watch your working pressure. Don't push too hard on that last step. Let the wheel and the compound do the work. Apply a little compound (a second or two) every few seconds (20-30) and it should work well.


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          cool thanks man.