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input on aluminum polishing and need help choosing a buffer

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  • input on aluminum polishing and need help choosing a buffer

    Just wanted to see what you guys recommended......

    Currently using a bench grinder I converted over to buff with(removed shrouds, added axle extenders and went from 6" to 8" wheels). Im really not sure of the motors HP, but its a Delta bench grinder from Lowes......110V, 2.5A 3450RPM......if that helps at all. I can load it down fairly easily which I think is slowing down my polishing jobs greatly. I only polish aluminum....usually 6000 and 2000 series. What do you guys recommend. Do you think the caswell 1/3 HP would be a step up or not? Should I just got fo the 3/4HP?

    Now on to actual polishing questions. What do you recommend for the above mentioned alloys(2000 and 6000 series aluminum)? I am polishing heavily detailed milled parts. I start with the aluminum cut and color compound from caswells on a spiral sewn cotton wheel, and finish with the same compound on an untreated vented buff wheel(it seems to remove any heat marks). The wheels have both been used for a fair amount of time.....should they be replaced every so often(I do rake them). The spiral sewn wheel works decent, but takes awhile to get the job done. I have tried sisal before and it was alittle too rough and couldnt get into some of the milled pockets on the parts. You guys think a new buffer would do the trick, or should I switch to a different compound or different wheels? Thanks for any input!

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    so far you are on the right start... i started off with the same setup..
    but i would go for the 3/4hp or go one step better i got the 1 1/2 hp machine

    as for the buff's use them til they are either to small or you feel the time has came to replace them .


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      info on the 1.5 HP machine? I only see a 2 on caswells site.....and thats 220V, which doesnt work out well for me.

      Do you think the 3/4HP would make a big difference over what I now have?


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        I was moving some more things into my shed today and found a couple dayton 3/4HP motors that I forgot about. Sounds like they may fit the bill IF I find a way to mount them and extent the shafts.

        amps- 14/7 (14 startup, 7 cont. im guessing...??)

        Just one of these motors are larger then the whole motor section of my other buffer. Not very noisy either....they are ball bearing and im guessing the old buffer isnt(for the price I paid). Think I should rig one of these up? I still want more info on a new buffer though. Also, anybody know of any slick kits that can turn a motor into a a way to belt drive a shaft with two wheels with a motor? Thanks guys!


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          my is :
          1 1/2 hp single phase 13.8 amp if wired 115 volt ( all you need to do is change a few wires in the box) 6.9 amp wired 230 volts ( that is the setup)

          as for the motors you found .. you can a few thing's with them :
          1. get a 2x4 notch and mount it to the edge of you bench with straping
          2. use straping to mount it to a stand ..
          the shaft extenders and be purchased from caswell .. i have a dual shaft motor that is 3/4 hp one side got std and the other is a 6"

          now caswell also sell's a split shaft that uou can run a v belt from the motor to the shaft and on that shaft i would run to = lenght exteders to balance it out ...

          it is in the buffing section on the lower right hand side of your screen


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            here this will save you the looking :
            link to page :

            PROD MAND22 Bench Mandrel 1/2" Shaft $31.00
            PROD MAND21 Bench Mandrel 5/8" Shaft $31.00

            Attach these mandrels to an electric motor with a V Belt to make a HIGH QUALITY, low cost work station for various sanding, polishing and buffing operations. Will run wheels up to 1" thick.

            Features high quality precision grade die cast ball bearing pillow blocks, permanently sealed and lubricated. Threaded shaft ends L/H & R/H

            2" diam V pulley (for 1/2 belts) & hex nuts with flanged washers for shaft ends.


            that is what i got on this motor ... the left side is std siz. the right side is extended


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              are you sure that you meant to say that you have the extra long extenders on there? I have the shorter ones and they arent near as long as the ones in your pics. these:

              slide over the shaft of your motor(and dont have threads inside), then these:

              screw on to the first shaft extenders?

              I saw that bench mandrel shortly after my last post.....i'll def. be trying one out for the price difference of buying a whole new buffer. I saw some posts about the difference different diameter wheels make. I prefer to use 8" due to being able to angle parts while buffing without hitting the shaft. Is it true that 6" wheels would be better for me?

              Thanks again


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                they are side on ... contact caswell and they can help you out ...
                i have the extened one's on that motor ...
                is kind of a spare ... or when i want to cut my electric bill down i will use it on little stuff