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buffing wheels.....

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  • buffing wheels.....

    Im currently using aluminum cut and color compound from caswells on a spiral sewn cotton wheel, and finish with the same compound on an untreated vented buff wheel. Caswells discription states that the vented buffs cut more then the spiral sewn, but it seems to cut MUCH less then spiral sewn for me. I only polish 2000 and 6000 series aluminum.

    I could use alittle more cut for intial buffing. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the following wheels:

    treated vented buffs ( ) -would they cut harder then my regular vented buffs? As hard as my spiral sewn or not?

    finger buffs ( )

    scrubber wheel ( ) - looks like scotchbrite pad type material. Might work pretty well for removing any tooling marks on aluminum......or is it a more abrasive material?

    Thanks for any input!