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  • A new members indroduction

    Hello folks My name is larry

    I am trying to get an education on how to polishing aluminum,I was referred to this site from a friend who is completing a simular project as mine.I am building a custom tube framed car that will be using the aluminum suspension pieces from a 88 to 96 corvette.

    I just recently purchased a baldor 3/4 hp 2 speed buffer.And I am waiting on a tool called a Multi-tool mounted to a jet grinder to do some fine sanding on my pieces.

    I will upload some before photos tomorrow so you can see what I am working on.

    I will be looking thru the website as I need to replace my new buffing wheels as I have cross contaminated them all ready by using 2 different compounds on the same wheels.

    CAn any body suggest a video to clue me in on how to properly do this>

    Well I just want to say introduce myself and say hello You'll be hearing allot from me in the next couple of weeks.