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How do you clean your polished aluminum?

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  • How do you clean your polished aluminum?

    I am not talking about between steps during buffing/polishing.I am talking about after you are all done and there is an excellant shine,and it eventually gets dirty/dull looking.I currently have several chrome,and polished aluminum pieces on my car.I am currently using a metal polish/cleaner,with an old clean t shirt.Using T shirts seems to produce far less scratches on the pieces than any microfiber towel I've ever used.The Cleaner does give it an awesome shine,but the polished aluminum does like to scratch easily,especially when appliing to much pressure.Also all the polished pieces so far,where bought polished.

    Is there an easier way to clean aluminum/chrome using my buffer,and wheels,and compounds?


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    Autosol do a polish specifically for aluminium wheels which is supposed to be less abrasive. PLEASE NOTE that i havent used this myselfe so it is merely a suggestion rather than an answer.
    I have heard of many people using carnuba based car wax.
    maybe try these out on a hidden area or non important piece.
    If you find a good answer please put it up, Im sure a lot of folk would be interested.


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      You might try MOTHERS metal polish.


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        do a search of the forum this topic was posted many of times