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Orange Peel? or dimples?

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  • Orange Peel? or dimples?

    Maybe my "orange peel" term is incorrect. What the finish looks lile is that of an orange peel. Little dots. I'll try to post a picture. Sounds like from what I have read and from my plater that these are gas bubbles comming out from the metal. I think that I'm not doing a good enough job sanding before hitting the polishing wheel.

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    that would be outgassing ... every metal has a different mixture so it is common for you to have them


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      email me a pic i will look it over and try to help you out .. i emailed you and it returned


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        Outgassing eh, so how do you deal with it?

        I've just encountered this in 1 cover plate for my Norton. My procedure is wet sanding to 600 grit, then black/sisal, brown/spiral, white/loose. I've gone over this part twice and was resigned to living with it. The dimples are very small and only noticable when you get within 2'-3'. I am going to get a Canton flannel wheel and green, but I don't think this will solve this problem.

        Any advice is appreciated!



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          email me a pic and i will be able to answer your ? better
          [email protected]


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            Ok. I'll take it today


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              pic 1 a look's bad.... try to wetsand up to 2000 grit and polish with black on a sprial then white on a losse

              pic 3 is from the buff's that metal is way soft

              where they glass beaded first? i will email you some more ideas


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                No glassbeading on them. I just washed them and started wet sanding. I just went over the 3a item with 400, 600, 1000, 1500, & 2000 grit. I still see tiny specks/pits/dimples, but way smaller than before. Might this just be the quality of the casting (1973 Norton)?


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                  asallwey.. i just noticed what you posted at that grit you may be able to start with the white on loose... and here is a new one i know i told you i don't use red .. i had scratchs that i could not get out i tossed a doulbe stack loose on and loaded red just to give it a shot .. i removed all the scratches and it looked good ..


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                    I have gone to Red with a the ultra soft Canton wheel. I think the alloy of my 1973 Norton cases (probably sand-cast) is a soft one. I polished a more recent vintage part from something else and was more successful.

                    On the Norton parts, I will see wheel marks, very faintly, almost no matter how softly I try to hold the part to the wheel. My solution has been to use Wendol polish by hand as the final step. This seems to even out the surface appearance.

                    Thanks for all the tips!