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using the torches

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  • customandsound
    Guest replied
    the blueing will be able to be removed with a sisal but i would not use a sisal on ss.. you can give it a try with a scrap part use a sisal with black then switch over to a sprial with green then a sprial with white then hit is with a losse with white

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  • jeepmanblair
    started a topic using the torches

    using the torches

    Hello, I am making a set of stainless steel bumpers for my jeep. I am going to have to heat the metal up, using oxy/acetyl torch, to make a few bends. I am wondering if the blueing will be able to be polished out without any problem.

    Here is the bare piece of stainless I had made. I will cut the pie shape pieces out and bend to make this shape. I will then weld up the joints and begin polishing.

    Any advise would be much appreciated,

    Thanks Blair