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Not up to par, please help me.

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  • Not up to par, please help me.

    I've been polishing for about 2 years now, most of my stuff comes out to a mirror like finish, except for this thing and i can't figure out what the problem is. It's an aftermarket intake pipe for a mustang. I'm not 100% sure what it's even made out of but hitting it with a cotton wheel with fast cut tripoli finishes it to a haze at best. Then hitting it with white rouge does absolutely nothing for it. I even went back to basics and sanded an area down to 1000 grit to no prevail. It's got welds on it, so it's metal for sure, it's also magnetic, it's just not polishing up like steel and other stuff I've worked with. Please help me out if you can. Here are some pictures.

    A picture to show the haze.

    The area I've been testing on

    More of the haze

    A polished piece of aluminum with a quality reflection

    I'm doing this work for a friend, and he needs the part by wednesday, I'd like to be able to give him something on par with my usual work. Please help

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    black on a sprial then white on loose ...


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      That did nothing. I traced this pipe back to the people who made it, and they told me it was ceramic coated SS, which apparently does not polish up well. Once I grinded off the coating, sanded it to 600, hit it with fast cut stainless, then green, then white lightning it shined up awesome.