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Help cleaning just polished parts

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  • Help cleaning just polished parts

    Here is my dilema, after polishing aluminum parts, what is the best way to clean the compond off of the parts. The parts I have are very detailed, I currently use a q-tip to get in the small areas. This is very time consuming, and after I usually wipe the parts with an old T-shirt, but I find this adds microscratches to the parts. Is there a solution I can dip the parts in to clean off first, then what is the best thing to use to wipe them clean?

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    simple green and a terry cloth.... i use kerosense to clean then use simple green warmed to around 200f and it eat's the compound off..... i to used a t shirt then i got a bundle of soft terry towels from the dollar store and i see less scratches


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      Kerosene is hard to find in my area. The terry cloth towels I have, how are liquids like Acetone, Mineral Spirits, or even Lacquer thinner at cleaning just polished parts?

      And is this a cleaning step to use just before spraying on clear lacquer such as the VHT product?

      Newbie here obviously.


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        i use thinner brake cleaner will work to