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  • Safety?

    Polish steel, aluminum, SS, brass, etc... What kind of safty equipment should I be using? Currently I’m wearing a face shield and a canister respirator, and heat gloves. This too much? Too little?

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    This too much? Too little?
    you can never be to safe at this .. before my shop turned in to a lake this is what i had as my setup:
    the polish area was a 8'x8' box that was built in the corner of the shop enclosed with shop lights
    i had a fan that pull the dust and junk i made it using heater filters it ran out side..

    and being a fire fighter i took a mask from an scba it cost 200 buck to build this setup : i added tube to it took a tool box and did some mods to it attached the tube to the tool box i made filters mount them in the box in the box i mount a fan that draw the air in to the mask... i mounted the box on the out side of the room

    you don't want to breath that stuff in .. use eye protection to