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Buffing Dust Collector

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  • customandsound
    Guest replied
    you can hook up a vac setup but it is not good ... build a section in your area that you polish in .. it can be any thing from plastic tarps to enclosed room .. when polishing you are going to make a mess .. you can build a air setup with heater filters and hd fan from home depot. this will keep the dust out of your face .. i got 2 ways i either polish out doors or i got a enclosed room to polish in .. but i got a down draft setup and a regular exhaust fan..

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  • SP4SPD
    started a topic Buffing Dust Collector

    Buffing Dust Collector

    Has anyone used a dust collector setup with their buffing system? I am making too much of a mess in my garage and need to utilize a dust collection system. Does any one have any suggestions and/or preferences as to the type/model/mfg. ? The only ones that I have located are the ones that are used for woodworking tool sawdust collection or sand blasting cabinets. It seems like the fibers from the wheels and the greasy binders that are used in the rouge might clog these units rather quickly.
    Thanks in advance for any help.