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Touching up someone else's work (billet)

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  • Touching up someone else's work (billet)

    Okay, I've read all the how-to stuff but that seems to be for taking a project from start to finish.

    I have a few billet items that were polished before purchase. There seems to be a lot of hair line scratches on the pieces, almost like they never quite finished the job.

    At what point does one start at to "finish" the finish in these cases? Do you just skip the sisal & spiral right to the soft wheels?

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    If you want to do it right just start over. If the scratches are super fine you'd be ok cleaning it, hitting it with tripoli then finishing in white.


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      you can single out the deeper scratches sand them out and then buff the rest that would look fine

      if they are e every were find out about how deep they are and start with a finer papers to make less work

      just see what would be the finest paper you could start with



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        i have done fuel rails .. if they are light scratches you can sand them out with 2000 grit wet then hit with white on a loose... for deap scraches start with 220 and go up to 1500 then hit with white ...