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[PICS!] helppp! motorcycle frame not shinning!

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  • [PICS!] helppp! motorcycle frame not shinning!

    i don’t think I did a good job getting out all the scratches….u can still see minor scratches and it sorta looks hazzzy…can you help me out? What am I doing wrong? I start with aircraft grade remover and get off all the paint…then I start wetsanding with a palm sander from 220 grit…then 320, then 400, then 600….after which…ill go straight to polishing or continue on wetsanding by hand with 800 grit and 1000 grit and sometimes ill go up to 2000 grit…..after which I start with a black compound on a sisal wheel on a ryobi bench grinder, then brown compound on sisal, then brown on a cotton sewn, then jewlers rouch on a flannel wheel then white compound on a loose cotton…finally I use mothers alum polish….its just not as shiny as I would like it to be…I mean you can see a reflection but its not really as reflective as say my yosh trs tri oval…what am I doing wrong? I fully clean the **** off between all sanding grits and wheels… I not spending enough time on each process? How long do u sped on each grit/compound? How long does it take you to polish a part such as the swingarm?

    that last pictures shows you what im talking about!

    someone told me the subframe is cast aluminum? am i polshing right?

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    you see my exhaust in the second to last picture? i want it to shine like that! oh and i dont mean sugar i mean stuff it think.... i have no idea why i said sugar

    oh and on the swingarm i hand polished from 220-2000 on the upper part of swingarm i used a sander from 220-600 and wetsand 800-1000 on subframe i used a palm sander 220-600 and i think i went straight to polishing...


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      them steps are ok.. but if you would email me you number i will be able to call you and tell you what process may help you better ... [email protected] or [email protected]


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        yea if you can get me an email adress i could also help you

        I just finished polishing my swing are on my 2002 gsxr1000 and it took about 15 hours

        I have done othere arms and frames i have many pics of things i could show you that may help

        Bad Bikes By Eric

        e-mail: [email protected]