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Removing Chrome Scratches

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  • Removing Chrome Scratches

    I have a new bike which has 4" dia, chrome plated, slash cut exhaust tips about 30" long. I've managed to get some small scratches and swirl marks along the top facing surface of the 4" dia tube. I've ordered the Chrome polishing kit to hopefully restore a nice scratch-free finish.

    My questions:
    I'll be using a variable speed drill with the buffing wheel(s) as I dont want to remove the exhaust. What's the best technique for doing this?

    Should I work on just the scratches or buff the entire length of the tube?

    Which compounds in what order?

    Which wheels?


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    removing scratch on Chrome is almost a impossible job to do. Because the first thing your going to remove is the Chrome after that the scratch. If it's a small scratch use green compound cotton after that Formax blue compound with flannel.

    P.S. Remember if you remove the Crome plating from your exhaust it's going to rust where you have no plating so be very careful.

    hope this help!


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      a replacement or rechrome will work .. but for the blue on the pises it self emery and a sisal and they are shiney again