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    O.k, So I got finally got motivated to polish the frame of my '02 GSXR. Done my research on frame polishing for about a month. I use oven cleaner to strip the anodize off....One problem, I got in a rush and didn't mask off the parts I didn't want to be stripped. Now I have parts of my frame that I didn't want to have to polish due to the problem of getting a wheel in tight spots that are now stripped of anodize and I cant possibly get any kind of polishing wheel to those spots. I now have major visual spots on the frame and other areas that are two, three diffrent colors from the oven cleaner. What is my best course of action now to make those spots look even half way unnoticable. I am thinking maybe a dremel tool with a small wire wheel at moderate speed? Anyone else do this to themselves before and have any comments, suggestions?

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    AHA! Lesson learned?

    Sounds like you'll have to strip the frame etc completely and polish the entire thing. I doubt polishing those areas will do anything for you.
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      What do you think about just painting those ruined areas black?


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        just as caswell stated ... a lesson learned .. alum. is not for paint .. polish it and make it all shine ..


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          really thin wheels will suprise you by the gaps they get into. Ive got some Caswell finger buffs and they are like a 1/4 inch thick and collapse slightly helping them 'duck' into hard to reach places. There supposedly only for use with greasless and emery coumpounds though, but im sure the emery will make the areas shiny enough not to be noticed.
          (btw any one got tips for using these with greasless, i can't seem to load them to last for more than a few seconds )
          if not maybe some felt points? or wrap a cloth with some liquid polish and use a 'shoeshien' method?--


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            to load your greaseless there are 2 way's
            1. place the greaseless up to the buff with firm pressure turn the machine on and off after you load it a few times i will take the greaseless
            2. turn the machine on and jam the greaseless this will waste mat. but you will load it .. i don't recomend this step


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              thats kinda what i did but hardly any compound seems to build up. Seems to be cause of the small surface area of the mops.
              Seems as I use the finger buffs they wear at the top and open up a bit, hopefully the more they are used the better they'll get.

              cheers again