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Caswell Please Call Me, I AM A BUYER

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  • Caswell Please Call Me, I AM A BUYER

    SUP All!

    Hey, I am poised to buy a Caswell 3/4hp 3600 rpm machine, I think. The problem is, what I do not know about polishing anything will fill volumns and volumns.
    My initial wants are to clean up and polish some aluminum bottles. I will offer polished aluminum bottles and I need to clean up others before I bring them to the anodizer to get anodized, perhaps lots of them if I can get a big order. Right now I am in the R&D phase of my design.
    The bottles are 3" in diameter, aluminum, .125 thick material. They average 7-9" tall. the top is domed w/ a spout that is about 1.5" in diameter w/ internal threads to accept a plug. Of coarse I do not need to clean up and polish the inside of the threads. So basically I believe I have a fairly easy piece to deal with.
    "Someone" from Caswell replied to an email I send and the reply unfortunately was vauge and I really need some help choosing the proper machine, stand, wheels compounds etc et. al. I see there is a kit but darn it, I do not want what i do not need and I betcha' there are some better wheel / compound options! If someone from Caswell, or anyone for that matter whom is a Master Polisher, whom really knows they stuff is listening here can I please get a phone call? I can not spend 3 weeks bantering back and forth on email, I need some service. I know it's the weekend but I have to act and I do not want to make the wrong purchase from the get-go.
    For that matter, if there are any bonafied experts (even from Caswell) on this board whom would like to interject a random act of kindness, I would be more than happy to accept a collect phone call so I can get
    "ed-u-ma-cated" and pick-yer-brains a little perhaps. My phone number is 626-359-2288 . I should be around most of the weekend and I work till 2 O'clock or so every day but I really need info today, soooo.
    Additionally I own a 2005 Harley Davidson Road Glide and I am looking for tools and wheels and the like that will make my cleaning/polishing of this machine easier. I really am clueless here. I am a bit of a perfectionist, therefore I want some education before I spend $.
    I am a plumbing contractor so if anyone wants to swap info I would be glad to accommodate.
    Brad Davis

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    you can contact caswell if you need the answer quick other than that wait around for it here ... call and talk to lance there number is on the page


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      what are the bottles for?


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        They are for gasoline, thanx for the replys!


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          you can get them mirror .. sand up to 600 grit then hit with black on a sisal then i go right to white on loose ... them finish it off with red on loose .. i am giving up polishing so i will help you out with any ohter thing you may need ... but as for machine caswell's 3/4 hp is a perfect machine for that project ...